Government Jobs in Tennessee

We have a complete list of government jobs in Tennessee that features full-time jobs, part-time jobs, and other TN gov jobs. Most TN Gov jobs include benefits such as health insurance and paid vacation. All jobs will include a description of what is to be expected as well as any required experience. Below is a list of TN government agencies that have openings for jobs in Tennessee.
Tennessee Government Jobs

Tennessee Government Agencies.


Attorney General and Reporter
Comptroller of the Treasury
Department of Correction
Department of Economic & Community Development
Department of Health
Department of Human Services
Department of Human Resources
Department of State/Secretary of State
Judicial Department
Tennessee Board of Parole
Tennessee Department of Financial Institutions
Tennessee Department of Transportation
Tennessee Department of Treasury
Tennessee Higher Education Commission
Tennessee Housing Development Agency
Tennessee Regulatory Authority
Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation
Tennessee Department of Veterans Services
Strategic Technology Solutions